Royal Test Services offers a dedicated, fair, and comfortable road test experience for license classes 1 through 6.

Who We Are

Our road testing is conducted on site at Southland Registrations Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta with the exception of class 1 and 2 driver’s licenses.

As well as great service, Southland Registrations is easily accessible by city transit. With a 5 minute walk from the Southland train station, Southland Registrations is an ideal location to perform your road tests with us.

Where We Operate

Royal Test Services is proud to offer an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated team of Driver Examiners consisting of 15+ years of testing experience.

With a team of highly qualified Examiners, Royal Test Services provides testing for all classes of licenses (1 through 6) while offering a dedicated, fair and comfortable road testing experience.

All members of our team are very personable and skilled at navigating different regions of the city ; This offers a level of comfort to the individual tester.