Alberta Class 4 Road Test

Learn About Taking the Alberta Class 4 Road Test

What You Need to Know

We specialize in professional road testing for Taxis, Ambulances and mall Buses that have seating for less than 24 persons. The first step to obtaining your Alberta Class 4 Operator’s Licence in Alberta is to take the Class 4 Knowledge Test. This knowledge test consists of 30 questions that focus on the rules, operations and safety outlined in the Class 4 Professional Drivers Handbook.

You can take this knowledge test at our testing locations, AMA Willowpark, and AMA Shawnessy.

There is no time limit for the Class 4 Knowledge Test. However, you must begin 30 minutes before the registry closes.

Once you have passed your Class 4 Knowledge Test you will be given an eye test at the registry. If you normally wear glasses, please bring them. You are now ready to schedule your Alberta Class 4 Road Test.

Note: Don’t loose the test permit that proves that you have completed and passed the Class 4 Knowledge Test. You will need to provide it before you take your class 4 road test. If you lose your knowledge test permit, you must re-write the class 4 knowledge test again.

If you fail the Class 4 Knowledge Test, don’t worry; you are allowed one test per day and can always try again tomorrow. Before you try again, be sure to review your Class 4 Professional Drivers Handbook.

To obtain your Alberta Class 4 Road Test you must also have your physician complete a medical form that certifies that you are healthy enough to operate class 4 vehicles. You can pick up download a blank copy of the medical form here. You doctor may charge a nominal fee for completing this medical form. Please be sure that all fields in this form are filled out completely.

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