Alberta Class 6 Road Test

Learn About Taking the Alberta Class 6 Road Test

What You Need to Know

Urban settings in Alberta such as downtown Calgary and Edmonton provide the perfect backdrop for an exhilarating motorcycle ride on a hot summer night. From students and beginners to the most experienced Alberta Class 6 Motorcycle Licence holders, safety and knowledge of the rules of the road is paramount.Drop by your local registry and pick up your operator’s licence information handbook for Motorcycles, Mopeds and Power bicycles – or you can download an electronic copy here.

Read through this handbook. It will tell you all of the rules and regulations related to the Alberta Class 6 Road Test in Alberta. You will also be tested with information contained within this handbook. Once you have read through the Alberta Class 6 Knowledge Handbook and feel that you are ready for your Alberta Class 6 Knowledge Test, go to an Alberta Registry Agent office and take your knowledge test. This test will consist of 30 questions. You must have 25 correct in order to pass your knowledge test. Make sure you bring 2 pieces of valid ID and go with lots of time before the registry closes.

If you fail your test, don’t worry. Review your handbook and try again the next day. You are allowed one test per day. For more experienced motorcycle riders, you may take your Alberta Class 6 Road Test immediately after you pass your knowledge test. No probationary period is necessary. After passing your knowledge test, you have up to one year to take your Alberta Class 6 Road Test before you are required to take the motorcycle knowledge test again. Make sure you retain the test permit that proves that you have passed the knowledge test. This proof is also required while riding a motorcycle as a learner in Alberta.

After you have successfully completed your Alberta Class 6 Motorcycle Knowledge Test and have had practice or lessons from a school, you may be ready for your Alberta Class 6 Road Test. The Alberta Class 6 Road Test is usually 45 minutes in length. All motorcycle road tests must take place at an Alberta Registry Agent location. A driver examiner will follow behind you giving you specific instructions on a route designed for motorcycle road testing. An earpiece device will be provided for you. Some areas to focus on while practicing for your motorcycle road test:

  1. Intersections (straight through, turning left and turning right)
  2. Merging in and out of traffic
  3. Entering and exiting highways
  4. Changing lanes
  5. Parking (side of the road and/or reverse stall)

By booking your Alberta Class 6 Road Test online, you can avoid visiting the registry twice; once to book and pay for your road test, and another visit to take your actual motorcycle road test.

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