Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Test Services has included a section of questions that we are frequently asked and have provided the answers to assist our clients with the road testing process; from what is a road test? All the way to how to schedule your test.

If you have a question that was not answered, please contact us directly at (403) 238-1043 and we will be happy to help you.

A road test is a practical examination in which an examiner will be present with you in the vehicle.  During this time, the examiner will give yourself various driving instructions that you will be required to follow. You will rated on your driving capability by the examiner to determine if you meet the minimal requirements to obtain a government issued license. The Alberta road test is a necessary component in order for you to obtain any class of license in Alberta.
Road test services are available and facilitated by Alberta Registry Agents; booking your road test can be done online and must always be done in advance. Click here to see a list of availability
You are able to utilize your own personal vehicle when taking the road test. If this is not available, you may use a rental vehicle. Check with the registry agent beforehand to secure a rental they provide or to ensure that the vehicle you want to use is eligible.
Not to worry, the only consequence to failing your road test is that you have to wait until the next day to challenge the test again. There is no maximum amount of attempts- a person can take the road test as many times needed.

Your Royal Test Examiner will provide yourself with advice and feedback after completion of the examination; make sure you take the examiner’s advice to heart and work on the areas that you failed on.

Your Royal Test examiner will guide and direct you throughout the road test. The exact details about the route for your road test will not be given beforehand. Part of the road test is to demonstrate that a driver knows the rules of basic driving and navigating.
Be sure to bring all the same documentation you would normally bring to a registry:

  • Operator’s license
  • Secondary ID (birth cert, firearms lic. etc)
  • Road test permits
  • Valid insurance
  • Vehicle registration
This depends on which road test you are challenging. For the basic Class 5 GDL operator’s license you must hold a Class 7 learners for one year and be 16 years or older.

For those challenging the advanced Class 5 road test you must hold a class 5 GDL basic operator’s license for 2 years and be suspension free.

The best way to find out if you are eligible for a road test is to call and check with an Alberta Registry Agent before you book your road test. Please note that the road test fees are non-refundable once booked.

After you have passed your road test, you will be issued a certificate that must be presented to the Alberta Registry agent.  The Alberta Registry agent will process your application for a new operator’s license. Once processed, you will need to submit your operator’s license with your application to the Registry agent; your new license with the correct classification will be sent to yourself via mail.